Payment line

Everyone likes options! Here at Firth Finance we are no different, especially when it comes to making life simple for you.

Your Firth Finance Representative is always on hand to visit you at your home to collect your cash payment. However, if you find yourself in a position that you cannot be there to meet them at your allocated place or time, just text or call them directly, call our offices on 028 9024 1349, or email us at to make alternative arrangements, or:

  1. Make a one-off payment by debit card by calling us on 028 9024 1349 with your card number, or ask your Firth Finance Representative to process your card payment when they call.
  2. Use our 24/7 Automated Payment Line: 028 9744 0790.
  3. Ask us to setup a CPA with recurring payments from your Debit Card.

We can now offer to set up a Continual Payment Authority – this means that you give us permission to process your weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments automatically from your card…it’s that simple. No more waiting for a Firth Finance Representative or remembering to go to the ATM for cash, we do all the hard work and take the stress away from you. Call our office or contact your Firth Finance Representative to find out more, and ask about setting up a CPA (continuous payment authority).

Thank you for your business and support.